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Playful brunette latin hottie Cassidy with huge natural tits drops the towel and he can't resist her

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Duration: 5:00 Views: 4 131 Submitted: 4 weeks ago
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Description: Cassidy is one crazy milf that loves to just tease the boys. She lives with her girlfriend Ryder but that doesn't stop her from getting her occasional cock intake. As she was driving home from running her errands she flashed a random guy on the road just for shits and giggles. once she got home she realized she needed to wash her car so she dragged out her girlfriend Ryder to help out. As the two were out splashing water on each other and trying to make the best of the hot summer sun commando road by on his bike, he couldn't believe what his eyes were seeing. he stared at the girls playing with the water, in fact he was staring so hard he failed to pay attention to what he was doing and crashed in to a garbage bin. Cassidy and Ryder quickly rushed to help him out. they invited him in to ted to his bumps and scraps but what happened soon after would have commando thankful he busted his ass in front of Cassidys house.